You will be proud to know that the Society in partnership with the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community (GRNC) successfully despatched essential materials to the earthquake victims in Nepal. A total of 54 boxes to the weight of approx 800 kgs were despatched by airfreight on 7 May. The destinations were specifically marked as Gorkha (19 boxes) and Sindhupalchowk (35 boxes). The joint operation was called OPERATION HOPE. Special thanks goes to all those individuals who were involved and to all the donors for showing their support and concern to the victims in this hour of need. We have also collected around £4000 and still collecting. The funds will be delivered through GRNC, I thank the members who have donated in many other places including BGWS. The full list of donors will be published in due course and also included on the GRNC website.  General Secretary: Chhatra Rai