Following a request by the veterans BGWS organised an open forum at Gurkha Bhawan on 13 July 2015.  The meeting was well attended with guest speakers led by the local MP Sir Gerald Howarth.  Chief Inspector Annabel Berry, Louise Webber from RBC with her assistant Sheila Limbu, PC Mark Ranola, Dr Emily Warmsley from HCC Public Health, Melissa Juniper Hampshire County Council, Alex Hughes from CAB and Dawn Menzies Revenues and Benefits Manager RBC.  Unfortunately Brig J Anderson (GBA/GWT) could not attend the meeting,  The executive committee GRNC; President Om Thapa, Vice Presidents Jib Belbasi, Ramdhan Rai and Chhabi Pun, the treasurer Bir Balal and the Gen Sec Ranjita Malla were also present and introduced to the meeting.

 A good turn up of the veterans organised by Ratna Rai and Ambar Rai handed their briefing and included ten questions based on the most urging problems amongst the veterans.  Each Guest Speaker gave their briefing followed by a question and answer session.  The Chair BGWS Tikendra Dewan ran the meeting interpreting from English to Nepali and vice versa supported by Chhatra Rai the Gen Sec BGWS.

The meeting was well organised by the Gen Sec BGWS supported by available members, Gajbir Thapa, Shyam Limbu, Hiryana Rai and Jai Prakash Rai including the GRNC executive members.  Special mention also goes to Purna Balal Thapa, Top Palli, Iswar Man Limbu, Kishore Shrestha, Hiranya Rai and Om Thapa for area cleaning and setting up the venue on Sunday in preparation for the meeting. The meeting concluded on a happy note with the veterans leaving fully satisfied.  All future meetings will be led by GRNC supported by BGWS where required.